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The Elf and the Shoemaker
A fun little fairytale retelling. Featuring a sassy immortal enchantress and a lovesick elf. f/f romance. 

Steampunk m/m romance. Featuring a sloth that contributes very little to the story but who is my favorite.

Tokyo Love High School AU Drabbles
Part of set of 'kiss challenges'. Very silly, very unedited. f/f

The Blind City
Originally published in Fairytales Slashed Volume 5

Charley, a lowly librarian's assistant, never expected to be sent out on a quest with the most famous knight in the country. Sir Thaddeus Constantine is strong, honorable, a legend told in countless stories. To spend time with him is a dream come true, especially when Charley realizes that the man behind the knight is far more fascinating than stories. m/m

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