Wednesday, February 1, 2017

End of the Year Report

I haven’t written an end of the year report since 2013, because I am really good at blogging (obviously). Yes, this has taken me a full month to get organized.

Books that have been published this year:

This year I’ve done a ton of editing and rewriting that comes with publishing books. Both Cursus Honorum and Tokyo Love came out in the second half of the year, so much of the first half was getting them ready for publication. (and dying slowly)

Before I get into a tedious list of every in my WIPs folder, I’d like to share by #1 priority. I’ve been doing a lot of unseen work on a novel called Orbiting Bodies (a college LGBT coming of age story) I haven’t quite finished all I want for that project, but I have hopes for progress in the coming year.

I have a large to-do list and, like all my to-do lists, I will probably finish very little of it before 2018. Here is a bit of a taste.

Unfinished projects

  • Cooking Boyfriend  (dating game simulation that I have been working on and off with a friend for a few years now.)
  • Christmas short stories from Nano 2016
  • Nano 2015 (AKA the gay knights one)


  • The Warrior, the Healer, and the Thief
  • Tokyo Love
  • Roman lesbians (not really a sequel, so much as a sequence of shitty gay roman romance following Amemus and Cursus Honorum)


  • Letters to Ovid (an old novel of Christian Lesbian Romance Inspired by Ovid)
  • Drowning Sky (or actually the sequel. AKA my epic fantasy series that only becomes more gay as the years pass)
  • His Eyes (one of my first novel-length gay stories)

Pretty soon I’ll probably start browsing for anthology calls at Less Than Three, Dreamspinner, Crimson Romance and this list will explode.

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