Monday, March 20, 2017

Current Project: Dating Sim

This April, I will be partaking in Camp NaNoWriMo. This is something which I have never done before, but I thought it sounded fun. Especially since this year, I can set my goal to either be in word count/lines/hours/pages. So I've decided to continue on a dating sim that I've been working on with a friend, Melissa Mariko Kieselburg for a few years now.

Working title: Cooking Boyfriend. (it's a working title since the player can also date girls) Other titles include, Secret Recipe, Cooking Lover, etc etc. I only call it Cooking Boyfriend cause that's just what I've been calling it for years and all my files are under that working title.

Cooking Boyfriend is sort of a silly idea where the player is in a cooking school and they learn recipes and date various students. All the names are food puns and it generally doesn't take itself very seriously. It was born out of Melissa's and mine experience playing dating sims (yes, she also counts persona as a dating sim, haha) and we wanted to make our own.

There are about ten characters with ten different routes/endings. Each character has a 'rival' route in which they will start pursuing the player if the player has high enough points in their rival. All in all, it's a lot of work. Which is probably why in the few years we've been working on it we only have one route complete and a handful partially complete.

Cooking Boyfriend is also one of my inspirations for Tokyo Love and about half the reason I made Kathleen a computer programmer. Now, my programming skills are very limited and I mostly leave complicated maneuvers to my collaborator, but I've learned enough to make sprites appear and disappear, change expression, and I like to think I've gotten a little creative in my menu options and scene building.

My current goal for April is to write about 100 lines of code per day. Looking at my completed scenes, that is about 1 very short scene per day. Most of my scenes tend to average at about 200 lines for anything more than a small encounter. I have hopes that it won't be too difficult, but I know it will be hard to stay consistent.

Until then, I am spending March trying to pump out outlines and mentally prepare myself. Wish me luck!

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